Mindset Healing

How I Work

I use a mind body approach; the kind that teaches you a new form of practice that will help you reach success whether it be mind, body, or spirit. When image rehearsal and envisioning is practiced on a regular basis, it results in the production of a highly developed physical, and mental energy, which increases motivation and success.

There is hope. While we do talk with ourselves all day, we only really have a certain level of access to our inner selves. We all know something each of us does or other people do that they don’t know why they do it, they just do. We either say “I don’t know I just like to” or “I don’t know I can’t help it”.

Consider there is a part of you which subconsciously knows why you actually do it and has the ability to recall why and actually has the ability to change it if you ask or tell it to. The bad news is that once we are conditioned it’s hard to really update those conditions.

This is where hypnotherapy comes in handy. Hypnotherapy is a way to reconcile ourselves and reach the subconscious mind, changing negative associations and unwanted behaviors to positive ones.