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If you’re new to hypnotherapy or subconscious healing, rest assured this is the right place for you. Hypnosis deals with both physical and emotional reaction, attached to the memory. We will take small steps to get you familiar with entry-level therapy.  Let’s get started. 

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Ready for a free consult? If traditional therapy has not worked for you, Hypnotherapy may be what provides you relief, closure, and clarity. Schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation today. 

About Therapy

The following are common questions asked by first-time, and ongoing clients. If your question is not listed below, please don’t hesitate to contact my office or email me. 

Our first session will focus on discovery, where you’re at and where you want to be.  We will review in detail what you want to obtain.  I conduct a series of tests to see how someone processes information so I know how to better work with them.  The hypnosis portion of the session is recorded, which you will get a copy of.  You’ll be taught tools and anchors to help change patterns that are no longer serving you. Based on that, we will both evaluate future sessions and what works best.  

Yes, I do. Due to State and CDC (COVID requirements), I provide live Zoom meetings. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please click here.  

Yes! As long as you have a quiet space where you cannot be distractor or disturbed and a good Internet connection. Please no pets in the same room with you during the online session. It is recommended that you do not sit or lie in bed during the hypnosis session, so as to not create an association between Hypnosis, the bed, and falling asleep.

There are certain services I specialize in as my expertise.  Like breath work, reiki, sub-conscious healing, spiritual coach, and so on.  

There are also other services that are available, which I have practiced in the past. Whether they are common or unique (in general), they are still relevant to some clients, which offer them relief or closure. Some examples would be dream analysis, past life regression, sleep disorders, and so on.  These are still in the realm of hypnotherapy.  I have studied and practiced many treatments, not all may be listed on this website. 

This is why our first consult call is important to help us analyze what will serve you best and if we are a good fit.  I am always open to discussing topics which are of importance to you.  

A trance state is an altered state of awareness: You know that state right as you are falling asleep where you are still kind of aware of what’s going on around you, but you are also aware that you are about to drop into deep sleep? We’ll, that’s the hypnotic trance state . You are never really asleep. It is a super calming and relaxing feeling and you will hear and be aware of everything that is going on around you. You are always in control during hypnotherapy. It is based on science and biology.  As mentioned before, you receive a recording of all sessions.  Read more about trance state in my blogs section.

Traditional Talk Therapy can only go so far. It can make you aware of where the problem is stemming from. Many times people find Hypnotherapy as a last resort after years of being in Traditional Talk Therapy. Many times I hear people tell me that with Talk Therapy they go in and talk about their issues, only to realize they have more issues, but feel nowhere near close to finding their resolutions. Sometimes they actually leave feeling worse than when they actually went in.

Hypnotherapy unlike talk therapy does not provide advice but more so helps guides you to find your own answers within, which in the long run is much more empowering. As a hypnotherapist, I act more like a mirror that helps reflect everything back to you. I will help you find the meaning and symbolism of what is coming up during a session.


Insurance companies do not directly cover hypnosis performed by a certified hypnotherapist. Some insurances may cover the services of physicians and mental health professionals who use hypnosis or hypnotherapy tools in their practice. More and more studies show that hypnosis helps patients with many common medical problems, because of this interest in hypnotherapy for medical issues is greater than ever before, but is still underutilized for these issues (medical necessity, required by insurances). Hypnotherapy is usually considered vocational/avocational self improvement even though it can provide great medical benefits. Hypnotherapists don’t work with insurance companies directly. Therefore, if you are considering hypnosis, check with your insurance company to see if services can be covered, and make it clear that you are interested in being hypnotized for medical purposes. All sessions must be paid out of pocket. A bill can be provided to you at the end of the month to submit directly to your insurance to see if it can be covered.

Working With Me

I use a mind & body approach; the kind that teaches you a new form of practice that will help you reach success whether it be mind, body, or spirit. When image rehearsal and envisioning is practiced on a regular basis, it results in the production of highly developed physical, and mental energy, which increases motivation and success.

This is where hypnotherapy comes in handy. Hypnotherapy is a way to reconcile ourself and reach the subconscious mind, changing negative associations and unwanted behaviors, to positive ones.