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Why Work With Grawben?

Proven Process To Help Clients.

Most traditional therapy is one-sided. You talk, the therapist listens, then provides insight in return.  You’re left to reflect on it, but how will you use this in your life?

What if there was a way where your time with the therapist was more engaging?  More involved with deep discussion and exploring Why you feel the way you do, and what caused it?  Then, you’re given work to do on your own, after the session.  Work that will help you find answers within.  

This is work provided by Grawben, based on your sessions and what she feels will empower you.  This will help you align your true self and give you responsibility to do work before your next scheduled session.  This will help progress and make each session more useful.  Grow, based on measured results you and Grawben can gauge from day 1.

My clients include business professionals, celebrities within the industry, authors, and C-level coaches. They trust me and my +10 years of professional experience. 

Your information is always kept confidential. Let’s schedule your first call or virtual meeting.

About Grawben

My goal as a Hypnotherapist is to guide you so you learn how to access the most powerful part of your mind, the subconscious. Everything starts in the mind. I will teach you how to gain control and clarity. I offer hope, health, excitement, and freedom. My focus is to find out where you are now, and get to know where you want to be. I am passionate about teaching you how to release old patterns that are no longer serving you. We can all be successful in obtaining our goals. What may be getting in the way is the pattern of how you have learned to do things.

I will teach you techniques and anchors so you can find your own answers within and be your own source for healing. I love teaching people something about themself that they didn’t already know. Your problems may seem odd to you, but not me. Hypnotherapists in essence are Behavior Therapists. The key when working with a hypnotherapist for change, is belief. When you learn to change your thoughts it helps to change your beliefs, and when you change your beliefs, it is reflected in your behaviors.

Certified, Accredited and Trusted.

Grawben graduated with over 500 hours of training from HMI, the Nationally Accredited School of Hypnotherapy in Southern California. After graduating, Grawben went on to further her education and received another 300 hours of training from ACCET. Grawben is also a professional member of The American Hypnosis Association and Hypnotherapists Union Local 472. 

We Are Equal.

Grawben has always supported equality within the workplace and the community. 

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What Clients Say About Me


Yvette Torres

“I am so grateful to Grawben for her guidance and insight. She is professional and knowledgeable in her craft. I feel fortunate to have found her and am eternally thankful to her.”

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Lou Witron

“I am so excited and thankful for Grawben. She has helped me so much in opening my mind and spiritual thinking. I’m more open to positivity and embracing it wholeheartedly. I feel more enlightened everyday.”

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Abel Alvizo

“Hypnotherapy was something much more helpful than I thought it would be. My first session was thoroughly eye opening. I am so much more stronger (mentally). I practice the mindfulness exercises she taught me, and still use the anchors. I listen to the audio recordings from each session. So grateful I found someone with a lot of success stories. Thank you 🙂

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Janelle Cruz

“Grawben has helped me confront some past traumas that have been holding me back from manifesting in the now. Her insight, encouragement, and accountability has allowed me to move that needle forward in my life! So grateful to have connected with her & thankful for her spirit, energy, and gifts!”